February 22nd

Scripture - 1 Corinthians 3

Observe It - The Corinthian Christian’s were called ‘worldly’ by Paul because they were constantly arguing and acting out in jealously. He wanted them to take a minute and look at the spiritual foundation that Paul was already laying out for them. He hoped to bring them back to Christ as their foundation -that they would be built on their salvation and faith through Jesus. Paul was teaching them that it is foolish when we promote the things of man above the things of God. It does not make for a strong foundation.

Apply It - When it comes to our walk with Jesus, we can’t rely only on others to make our walk strong. Our pastors, mentors and leaders are there to come along side of us, teaching and guiding us, but ultimately pointing us towards Christ.. Our foundation for our spiritual walk must be deeply rooted in our relationship with Christ. It is from there that our faith flourishes. 

Prayer - Father, take over the building of my life, family, ministry, and church. May my life be built on You. Let your beauty and glory shine out of every area of my life. I long to worship and serve you. In your name I pray, Amen.