February 19th

Scripture - Philippians 4

Observe It - Paul makes one thing clear, that when we stand strong with God, we have peace and joy that radiates all over us. But, when we choose to not stand with God, it’s like standing in quicksand and being on shaky ground. Before he closes this letter, he mentions once again how to have joy, gentleness, and to not be anxious about anything, to name a few. Paul invites us to know the peace of God that goes beyond our own comprehension.

Apply It - When is the last time you truly felt peace? When did your mind last rest? It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose focus. We work, we travel, we take care of our kids, and we take care of our spouses, on top of any extra thing we do. We can fade really fast and feel burned out as well. What if you took a few moments today to take Pauls advice to the church?

Prayer - Father, I want to know the peace that is described in your word. I want my mind to be quiet at times so I can hear you. I don’t want to worry or be anxious. I want my heart to be so fixed on you that when those times come, I know that I can look to you to get me through. Thank you, Father, for giving me peace. In Your name, Amen.