February 17th

Scripture - Philippians 2

Observe it - Paul is once again sending encouragement to the Philippians and telling them to stand strong when conflict against them happens. He also encourages them in unity, humility, and love. Paul’s states that there is consolation in Christ, comfort of love, fellowship of the Spirit, and affection and mercy; all of the things that Jesus was when he walked the earth. Paul was now inviting the Christians in Philippi to live this out too. Unity was key to get across to the people. He was teaching them that they had to work together to reach other people in the area. 

Apply It - We have the same encouragement today. Through other believers we can link arms and stand strong together. We are better together. Is there an area above that you have struggled with? How did you overcome it? The more we get to know our Savior, the more he is reflected through our lives.

Prayer - God, thank you for your encouragement. In times that are tough, I know that I can look at your word and see life-giving words that help me make it through each day. I want others to see You through my life. If anyone that I come in contact with today needs to know you, will you use me to show them Your love? In Your name, Amen.