February 14th

Scripture - Matthew 27

Observe It - Such powerful moments in this chapter. We see Judas have remorse for the thing that he did. We see a people who once welcomed and loved on Jesus, now wanting his bloodshed. Imagine for a moment, what was playing through the mind of Jesus. He was fully God, but also fully man. He felt every moment of pain. From the crown of thorns being pushed down on his head to the nail that drove through the palms of his hands and feet. At any moment, he could have cried out for God to take it all away. But, because of his love for you, he bore it all on the cross. God, knowing this was the only way, probably wept that day for the pain his son was going through. A very unselfish act of love to make sure that on this day you could experience every ounce of freedom that there is. That the chains of death would no longer bind you down. For God so loved the world…

Apply It - This is a big moment that truly needs time to sink in. If you’ve never really thought about the sacrifice Jesus made for us, take a moment right now to imagine that day. Imagine yourself standing at the feet of Jesus; his blood running down the cross. What would you say? What would lay at his feet? It all goes to the cross, never to be picked up again.

Prayer - God, thank you for sending your only son to me. Such a gesture of love that you bore that day. Help me to show that same love to everyone I come in contact. Don’t let a day go by that someone doesn’t receive that love; even if it’s a simple hello or smile. In your name I pray, Amen.