January 29th

Scripture- Matthew 11

Observe It- Most people, even John, thought that Jesus was there to deal with political issues. Jesus was there to deal with heart issues, heal the sick, cast out demons… People still thought the Messiah was going to be big and fancy and live somewhere nice in the city.

Jesus did small things with perseverance. Not in big, flashy moments - Things the church today still struggles with. 

John the Baptist was not there to please men, but to let others know of Jesus. No one has come close to the prophet that John the Baptist was. 

Violence in this chapter refers to the intensity of spiritual warfare that faced both Jesus and John the Baptist, and still follows believers today.

Those who have criticism in their hearts will always have something to criticize about. They are never happy.

Apply It- Know that Jesus’s ministry still continues with us today. We are his arms, hands, feet and legs. We are tasked with spreading his name. We aren’t here to receive glory. Everything we do is done in the day-to-day; small and steady. Always be happy with what is. There will be moments when we may not agree with something… maybe we won’t like the message, or even the song choice for the day. But, it’s up to us to give that grievance over to God and do a heart check with him.

Prayer- Father, if there are things that I continually complain about, bring those to my mind throughout the day. Help me to see what keeps my heart from focusing on the tasks you put before me. Father, I give all praises and thanks to you.  In your name, Amen.