February 5th

Scripture- Matthew 18

Observe It – Jesus taught his followers that being great in His Kingdom, the greatest kingdom of all, isn’t accomplished by pushing other people around, or gaining high leadership positions. Instead, the key to being great in the Kingdom of God is found in the trust and faith of a little child. Later in the chapter, we read one of the greatest examples of what greatness in God’s Kingdom looks like: Jesus told a story about un-forgiveness near the end of this chapter, encouraging his followers to be generous with forgiveness.

Apply It – In a world where greatness is normally defined by how much power you have over people, how can you trust God with the faith of a child today? What might it look like to more fully trust God? Are there people you need to forgive today?

Prayer – God, help me to trust you with simple faith. Help me to think and live a life that is simply trusting you with all I am, with every effort, with every relationship. In Jesus name, Amen.