February 2nd

Scripture- Matthew 15

Observe It – Jesus warned his listeners not to focus on how outside forces disrupt our living. He taught them instead to allow God to deal with their hearts, motives, and actions. In the next event in this chapter, it sounds almost like Jesus turned away a woman that was asking him to heal her daughter, only because of her ethnicity. What if we read his conversation with her as a teacher challenging a student’s thinking? As she declares her faith, he celebrates her faith and heals her daughter at the end of verse 28. Then Jesus healed a crowd of people. Shortly after he healed them, he fed them. Jesus not only ran a hospital, he ran a kitchen -inviting EVERYONE to take part in the HOPE that he came to offer - the sick and the hungry.

Apply It – How can you allow God to deal with your heart and transform you, rather than allowing life and circumstances to determine where you stay? Has God been causing you to ask questions recently that you could learn from? Lastly, how can you be a hospital and set-up kitchen to bring healing, life, and most of all GOD’s HOPE to others?

Prayer – God, will you help me respond to your move in my life? Will you help me learn what you want to teach me? Lastly, help me to see opportunities to bring Healing and Hope to others. In Jesus Name, Amen.