January 31st

Scripture- Matthew 13

Observe It – Seeds can fall in an open area, in bad soil, in thorns, and in fertile soil. We should strive to be like seeds that are planted in good, fertile soil. If we are not planted in fertile soil, the enemy has a chance to come in and snatch away our understanding, joy, or works God has done in your life. But, when we are around good soil, we can grow and thrive. When the enemy tries to cut you down, you will have a strong soil that you have been planted in with roots growing down deep into it.

Apply It – As you grow in your journey in with Jesus, it is vital that you surround yourself with people who are there to pray with you and lift you up. They will help be your strong foundation and do battle with you when life becomes rough. It is also important that you find a church that you can plant yourself in and grow. 

Prayer Father, I pray that the seeds produced from my life are always good seeds. And when bad seeds get planted around me, I pray that you give me the strength to weed them out. I want to be a field that is fertile and growing. I also want to help reap in your harvest. God, show me who I need to surround myself with and help me to leave places behind that will hinder. My old life is no more, but my new life in is rich and full. 

In your name, Amen.