August 24th

Scripture - Acts 19

Observation - Seven men were using the name of Jesus like it was some kind of lucky charm. They even threw in Paul’s name for good measure. They did not realize or even know what it meant to speak out the name of Jesus. These seven men did not know Jesus and were not filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The demons just looked at these men who were trying to cast them out and said that they did not know who they were. This event caused many to turn to and trust in Christ, realizing that HE has the power to bring freedom.

Application - Believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit and called to operate in the name of Jesus. When we speak in Jesus’ name and the power of his shed blood, the demons must obey because Jesus is present! As you continue to invite Jesus into your life, allow Him to be the source of your power and life.

Prayer - Jesus, I thank you for coming and shedding your blood on the cross for me. You give me strength each day to conquer those things that try to bring me down. You are worthy Lord of all my praise and worship. I thank you Savior. In your name I pray, Amen.