August 11th

Scripture - Acts 6

Observation - Stephen is a leader among the first-century Christians. He is full of faith, the Holy Spirit, and wisdom. He is filled with God’s grace and power, and he does amazing signs and wonders. He calls the lack of Jesus in the people that have gathered around him. The people lashed out in anger and began to stone him. He even asked for God to forgive those who persecuted him. Until the end, Stephen loved people.

Application - Does character really matter in the life of a leader? God seems to think so. We can look in the Old and New Testament and see those before us who led a life full of integrity and wisdom to follow God. The most important thing God asks of you is to love His people as He does.

Prayer - God, help me to be someone who rises above what others do that displeases you. Help me to make wise decisions as I follow your path. I know not every day is easy, but with you at the head, I know that I can make each day count. Keep me strong in my faith. In your name I pray, amen.