August 9th

Scripture - Acts 4

Observation - With razor sharp conviction Peter informs the Sanhedrin that the One they have rejected and nailed to a cross is their only hope for salvation. He lets them know that the stoned they tossed out in the rubbish heap is actually the capstone that will hold their whole religious structure together. Without him, they have no chance of finding salvation or wholeness. He is telling them that there is only one way to heaven and one name in all of heaven and earth that has the power to save. That is Jesus.

Application - Have you ever had some speak to you and you instantly felt like fighting them back? When things get pointed out to us that are not of God, our natural, human nature is to get anger and fight against truth. We should always check our hearts and God’s work to make sure our mind, body, and spirit line up with His truth.

Prayer - Father, growing is never easy to do. Fighting against the flesh gets hard some days and makes me feel weary. I pray on those days that you would give me strength to fight temptation. I pray that this season be full of growth and more passion for you. In your name I pray, amen.