August 7th

Scripture - Acts 2

Observation - The community of the first-century Christian could be described as dependent, connected, and relational. The first-century Christians voluntarily shared their resources willingly and invested their hard-earned money in the lives of others. They met in the temple regularly to feed on the Word of God. Their lives were intertwined and interconnected. They were in awe of the Spirit of God and they craved more of it as they traveled with the apostles.

Application - Today, we can share the same level of intimacy with other believers. As we connect to God and church, we begin to intertwine with those around us. We can draw upon each other to share our joys and sorrows. It’s what makes us a part of the family of God.

Prayer - Jesus, I pray that as I grow with you I begin to build relationships with other like-minded believers. I want to experience true joy in family that can only be found through you. Help my relationships that need to grow, grow and those that need to fall away, fall away. In your name I pray, amen.