July 19th

Scripture - John 4

Observation - While Jesus was sitting and resting near a well, a Samaritan woman came to get water around noon. Her life and relationships were speckled with brokenness. Jesus, a rabbi had every reason not to speak with her. In fact as he dug deeper in their conversation, she tried to redirect the conversation towards theological questions about where people should worship, rather than allowing Jesus to deal lovingly with her own life and challenges.

When she finally allowed Jesus to break through to her life, she went to gather people and bring them to Jesus. Some scholars believe that as she was brining people from the town to meet Jesus at the well, they could be seen walking through fields of wheat. Most likely, Jesus’ words to his disciples about the harvest could symbolically be seen.

Application - Sometimes when God wants to deal with our real struggles or heart issues, we try to deal with issues that are not as deeply impacting to us. Are there areas of your life, heart, or struggles that you need to invite Jesus into today- areas with doors that he has been knocking on for a while? Jesus is unafraid if our darkest, most broken places in life.

Prayer - God, thank you for meeting me right where I am. Thank you for seeing me just as I am, but loving me too much to leave me as I am. Will you soften my heart, and point out areas that I need to let you into in my life? I surrender to YOU. In Jesus’ name, Amen.