June 20th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 30

Observation - David had nothing more to support him. No one in Israel could help him. The Philistines didn’t want him. His family was all gone; all he owned was gone. Even his friends turned against him. Every support was gone, except the Lord. God was his only strength at this point. Why would God strengthen him? Because God is rich and mercy and grace, and because David was now completely broken, ready to be filled.

Application - Have you ever felt like you lost everything, or that you had spiraled down a long, dark hole? If so, you are not alone. There are moments in our life where we need to fully rely on God’s strength. It is in our broken moments that God is able to fill us back up to the brim again.

Prayer - Father, I trust in your direction for my calling. I trust that you will grant me the confidence and strength to accomplish whatever you place before me. In your name I pray, amen.