June 14th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 24

Observation - This passage serves as a vivid comparison between a self-centered person and a God-centered person. While one strives for power, the other takes a place of humility. While one seeks to destroy, the other desires to uplift those whom God sees as worthy. While one strives to kill without regret, the other feels remorse over the smallest act of disrespect. 

Application - Read this passage again, taking note of David’s example of considering others for God’s sake. Then, consider practical ways to follow this in daily living. 

Prayer - Teach us, Father, how to live a God-centered life. Teach us what it means to speak with conviction without using words as weapons. Teach us to carry both strength and gentleness, to offer kindness even in our anger, to listen before lashing out. In your name I pray, amen.