June 9th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 19

Observation - Saul had given the command for everyone, including his son Jonathan, to go after and kill David. Jonathan had a hard time with this command. He didn’t want to disobey his father, but David was his closest friend. Jonathan reminded his dad about how David had been such a great support to him. For a short time, Saul changed his mind and decided not to have David killed. Unfortunately, it seems like Saul’s jealousy of David rose to the surface , and he was focused on having David killed again.

Application - There will be times when people in our lives might need someone to help redirect or correct them. Jonathan confronted his own father and stepped up to defend David. Unfortunately Saul only listened for a short time. Regardless, Jonathan had done the right thing. -It’s not always easy to defend what the right thing to do is. Are there area’s in your life that you can use your influence to help someone make a better choice?

Prayer - Father, help me to listen to your voice when moments of trial come my way. Help me to not go back to where I once was. Will you give me the courage and wisdom to do what is right? In Jesus’ name, amen.