May 29th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 8

 Observation - The people of Israel were demanding for a king. They get a king, but not before being warned exactly what a king will require of them. Samuel tried to dismiss the idea of a king. Samuel knew that a king would demand their allegiance and taxes. The people still wanted to be like the nations around them. They wanted to be like them, and not be set apart like God intended. They weren’t grasping that they already had the King of Kings leading them and wanting relationship with them.

Application - Many times in our lives we try to replace God with other things that we think will help us better. Many times, we want to be like those around us who are in the world and appear to be better off than us. But that appearance is often just an illusion. In the end, sin will ultimately destroy a you. Instead of trying to replace God, submit to Him and let him fill you up with his presence.

Prayer - Father, if there’s anything I have done in my life that has replaced you as head of my life. I pray right now that you would realign my focus and priorities. I submit to your Lordship over my life Father. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.