May 23rd

Scripture - 1 Samuel 2

Observation - It’s hard to imagine what Hannah went through when she gave Samuel over to the Lord. Even though her arms probably ached for his touch or hug, she was still faithful in what God asked her to do. God saw that and reward Hannah for her faithfulness. He gave her three more sons and two daughters.

Application - God is so good to those who are faithful in following and serving him. We are promised such good and awesome things when we put our lives into the hands of our loving father. We may not always see riches or perfect health, but God fills us with his love, kindness, and patience. Keep following God and see what he has for you.

Prayer - Father God, thank you for loving me through every up and down that life has thrown my way. I have seen how much you love me and take care of me. I want to always follow in your ways and study your word. I want my life to overflow with your spirit. I love you father. Amen.