May 17th

Scripture - Romans 12

Observation - We no longer have to offer animal sacrifices because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, believers are living sacrifices when we die to our own desires and put God first and choose his will over our own and follow him instead of the world. God delights in the fact that we choose to put him first and follow his path.

Application - What have you had to give up for God? Has he been pulling on your heart to let go of something? It’s hard to let go of stuff that delights our flesh. It’s easy to keep going in the direction of the world. But, the more we get closer to our Savior, the less we desire to hold onto things that keep us out of alignment with God’s will. Ask God what it is that keeps you far from him.

Prayer - Father, help me to live a holy life that is pleasing to you. I offer my life to you and lay it down at the altar of your feet. Take the things that are not pleasing to you and replace it with your word and your love. Let my life be a constant example of your love flowing through me.