May 13th

Scripture - Romans 8

Observation - God works everything in believers’ lives for their “good.” This doesn’t mean that everything works for pleasant lifestyles, enjoyable futures and happiness. The “good” here, though it isn’t defined or specified, is to be understood as a spiritual and eternal “good.” God uses everything in believers’ lives-and often the difficult things in their lives-to remake them, and to transform them into the likeness of his Son. Even the events and the tragedies that the enemy hurls at us, intending to destroy us, God can create purpose in spite of the shrapnel they cause. Everything that happens to us - the easy, the difficult, the grief, the pain, the joy - Can have purpose because of God: to make us more like Jesus.

Application - Each day that we are given is never promised to be full of joy and happiness. Life can be a tough road to walk down. Most days, when bad or terrible things happen, we don’t completely understand why. When the enemy causes destruction there usually isn’t a ‘why’. Regardless,  God invites us to keep stepping out in faith and trusting and leaning on him. Through each situation, God makes you stronger and more like him.

Prayer - Lord, I know that I am weak. I struggle most days to think clearly. I ask you to clear my thinking and renew my mind. I take those things that weigh heavy on my heart and lift them up to you. Give me your strength father. In your name I pray, amen.