May 10th

Scripture - Romans 5

Observation - Suffering can cause people to feel hopeless or it can give them greater hope. It’s all in how they respond to the “joy” of suffering. Some focus on their suffering and become hopeless, despondent people. Others focus on God’s work in their lives and respond as Paul describes here. First, believers can cling to HOPE in Christ, yet suffering can teach believers to be steadfast and determined. This, in turn, builds character. Strong character produces trust in God and his plan for their future. They have hope.

Application - Are you suffering today? Jot down five to ten things that have come, or could come, from your current trial. Even though at times you don’t know exactly what he’s doing in your life, admit that to God invite him to show you how to trust him through those times.

Prayer - Father, when I face challenges, help me to see the work you are doing, the character you are building in me. On days I feel overwhelmed or like I can’t go on, I ask that you surround me with your strength. I thank you father for bringing me through trials, and making me victorious and stronger. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.