May 1st

Scripture - Mark 12

Observe It - Jesus addresses the Sadducees by telling them that they do not know the word of God, nor do they hide it away in their hearts. The Sadducees do not deny the truth outright; instead, they allow their thinking to be led astray by unanswered question. They deny any truth they cannot “prove,” such as the resurrection or angels. They also claim to believe in God’s power, but they do not live as though they do.

Apply It - Has such thinking crept into your mind? Such negative thought patterns can be eradicated by studying the Scriptures in light of God’s miraculous power. Doing so will help you trust in God’s ability, abundance, and provision. 

Prayer - Father, thank you that Your Holy Spirit lives in me. By His power I have victory over my thoughts. Replace it now with truth. In Jesus’s name, amen.