April 24th

Scripture - Mark 5

Observation - Jesus encountered a woman with a bleeding issue in this chapter. It is not known how long this had happened or what the cause was. By law, she was not allowed to be a part of community because she was considered unclean. In her desperation, she saw Jesus in the crowd and pushed her way through just to touch the hem of his clothes, hoping to be healed. Healing power flowed out of Jesus into her body and she is instantly healed. Once Jesus knew who touched him, he reached out to the women and let her know that by her faith she was healed.

Application - Have you ever been desperate for something from God? Maybe you needed a healing touch that you’d do almost anything for. The woman in this story didn’t allow anything to hold her back from God. What would it look like for you to come to Christ with your greatest needs, trusting that he will come through?

Prayer - Jesus, I pray that you would comfort me in my times of suffering. Give me a confidence in the power of your grace. Help me to come to you with every need that I have. When I am afraid or unsure of what’s next, help me to put my trust in you. In your name I pray, Amen.