April 17th

Scripture - Luke 22

Observation - The gathering of Jewish religious leaders examined Jesus, hoping his response would give them something to accuse him of- enough to result in the death penalty by the Roman authorities. Jesus’ response to their questions was to declare, “I am,” which is similar to the way God presented himself to Moses. When Jesus said this the leaders took what he was saying as proclaiming himself God, which was the highest form of blasphemy and the crime was punishable by death. It’s just what they needed to turn Jesus over to Pilate.

Application - Have there been times where life has been on trial for you? While our sins are indeed punishable by death, Jesus has stepped in to serve the death penalty that we deserve and has given us everlasting life instead. All we have to do is accept him and give our trials over to him. What trial, what challenge, do you need to allow Jesus to step into today in your life?

Prayer - Jesus thank you for being my redeemer. Without you I would face a life full of worry and uncertainty. I wouldn’t know my next steps and would be completely lost without your shining life. I thank you Jesus for every moment that I get to spend in your presence. In your name I pray, amen.