April 13th

Scripture - Luke 18

Observation - Jesus tells a parable about a Persistent Widow, to help us learn how to pray. The story sets a model of persistent prayer, that is tenacious, constant, and insistent. Jesus encourages one to ask again and again and again in the face of what seems like unresponsiveness. God through his love for us responds eagerly to our persistence. Jesus ends with a question to think on. Can faith be found anywhere on earth?

Application - The story of the widow sets an example of someone who realized their need, and knew who could fix it. God will ‘surely give justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night’. Some days it feels like prayers go unheard. Then there are days that we only pray when we feel like it or when troubles come our way. But a healthy prayer life is found in spending time simply talking with God. How can you change your prayer life? Would you say your pray life is healthy or non-existent? What is a big distraction in your life that you could take away and instead use prayer to fill that time? The most important thing about prayer is not about the words or ways that you pray. The most important thing about prayer is that you simply begin.

Prayer - Father, with all the distractions in life it is hard sometimes to turn off the noise and focus on you. Whatever is keeping my attention away from you show me what that it is. Grow my prayer life and grow my faith. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.