April 10th

Scripture - Luke 15

Observation - Jesus tells us constantly through his words that he is the seeker of the lost. He tells three stories of lost items in Luke 15. A sheep, a coin, and a son. When each item is found Jesus talks about the celebration and rejoicing that they are no longer lost but found. The same goes for a person who has strayed far from the presence of God. They may have wandered for a while but when they come back to knowing Him, all of heaven rejoices.

Application - Have you ever lost your way, lost hope, or felt like you were losing your mind? Have you ever felt like you were lost to the world, or even to yourself? Take inventory of what you have lost recently and ask God to help show you how to rejoice through those losses. You are not rejoicing over the loss but rather God takes things that have strayed away from us and marvelously restores them to us in ways we might not immediately recognize or appreciate. 

Prayer - Father, help me to see how you work out every moment of my life; the good and the bad, the wins and the losses. It is hard to see your exact plan and there just may be moments that I totally don’t get. That’s where your wisdom comes into play. I know that there will be times I don’t completely understand the why and will have to learn to trust in you for those moments. Lead and guide me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.