April 5th

Scripture - Luke 10

Observation - Sometimes portions of the Bible can be small, but significant. Towards the end of the chapter part of Mary and Martha’s story is told. As Jesus was about to enter their home, Martha was running around trying to prepare everything and get the house and food ready for Jesus’ arrival. But, when he arrived… Mary, instead of helping her sister, chose to sit at the feet of Jesus. Seeing her sister sitting there, Martha complained having to do everything herself, but Jesus told her that Mary is right where she should be.

Application -  There are days that we get so busy that we miss intricate, intimate moments with our Savior. We are so busy doing work, serving, taking care of family, and raising children, that Jesus has to yell over the noise and shuffle to get our attention. What can you do in your life to change up the time that you spend with Jesus? What time could you exchange so that you could have more time with Jesus?

Prayer - Father, life can get absolutely crazy. I know there are things I could put aside in order to fill my life with more time with you. At the end of the day, you are all that matters. I know the more I surrender to you, the more you’ll pour back into me. I love you God. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.