March 21st

Scripture - Ephesians 1

Observation - Paul starts off his letter to Ephesus with a brief greeting. He then goes into speaking of God and the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. In God’s wisdom he covered all humanity with grace and forgiveness through what Jesus did on the cross. Paul asks that they all consider how great God’s plan for us and to bring all believers together. God’s ultimate plan is that all glorify and praise Him. Paul also prays that the people in Ephesus would know the spirit in wisdom and that God would reveal himself to them.

Application - God’s blood covered our sins that day on the cross. Through this chapter, Paul gently reminds of us how God’s sacrifice of his son brought redemption to all of us. We no longer have to feel bound in our sin and shame. Jesus took it all.

Prayer - Father, I pray and repent of any sins that cover my heart. I surrender myself to you and ask that you heal and transform from the inside out. Let your Spirit be my guide in my day-to-day life. Make your ways my ways. In your name I pray, Amen.