October 8th

Scripture - Joshua 7

Observation - This chapter tells a pretty intense story in Israel’s history. A man had taken some things that God had told them not to, because of his disobedience, people from Israel had died in battle. As a result of his disobedience and the deaths he brought on Israel, he and his family were put to death.

Thankfully, God is much more gracious with us today. However, He invites us to be consistent in following his design, obeying his ways of life. A Chan has brought death not only on himself, but to his nation. Living outside of God’s design, invites the enemy’s design of destruction into our lives. Living God’s way, invites the abundant life that he gives into our lives.

Application - Take a few minutes to allow God to search your heart, your life- is there anything in your life that he is inviting you to let go of? Sometimes it is easier to hold onto things of this world, rather than cling to God.

Prayer - God, search my heart, know my thoughts, and point out anything in my life that I should let go of.

October 5th

Scripture - Joshua 4

Observation - God instructed thenIsraelites to take a large stone from the riverbed of the Jordan and to place them one the side of the river as a reminder to themselves and future generations that God stopped the waters of the Jordan so that they could pass through.

Application - Sometimes we move so quickly through life that we miss an opportunity to celebrate what God has done. What has God done in your life that you could make a memorial about? It probably doesn’t mean setting up a pile of large rocks, but it might mean creating an Instagram post or Facebook album to Identify and Celebrate what God has done.

Prayer - Then, pray a prayer of Gratitude for what God has and is doing in your life and community.