Day 8 July 10th

Todays Prayer Focus:

Pray for new and unexpected ways for the team to share Jesus with the local community.

Today’s Update:

Today was the 2nd Day of Camp and we used 16 hours of it to grow together!

We started by waking up at 7am and having a quick meeting before breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a light sandwhich, some fruit tea, and conversations itching to start our first full day of camp!

The camp day started with English classes from 9am-12pm. I had the privledge to lead the Advanced English students. First, we got to know eachother; then we started discussing topics of Health and Physical Fitness. We expanded our vocabulary by defining some new words, using them in sentences, and applying simple actions to represent them for memorization. Later in the lesson, we looked at the fitness routines of a few celebrities and athletes, and used what we learned to design our own workout program. We had a ton of fun developing relationships with one another, practicing new words together (laughing at how we pronounced them) , and eating a lot of candy! I found out that these Hungarian students are very intelligent, and they love talking in English!

We then had lunch which consisted of soup as the first course, and soup as the second course (Yes, Hungarians LOVE their soup!!!). This lunch filled us with some much needed energy for the afternoon to come.

In the afternoon we divided the camp into two groups based on gender. The Men went off to have a "Manly Men" Day, and the women went off to do...whatever women do together...

At around 2pm Our Men's Day started off with, of course, SOME WRESTLING!!! The twist was that we would start the match by having each wrestler take off their shoes and then one of their socks. The first wrestler to have their sock taken off by the other wrestler would be the loser, while making the "sock-theif" the winner. The wrestling got so heated at some points that the two compeitors would even forget to take off their opponents sock when they had them pinned! 

Next, we organized a men's ultimate frisbee game which got all of our hearts pumping as we spent the next 2 hours running after a flying disk, chasing eachother on the field, and occasionally jumping into the neighbor's yard to retrieve an errantly thrown frisbee! The final score of the game was 5-7. I was on the winning team, of course! The conclusion of the match ended our "Manly Men" Day and sent us to the camp shelter to rehydrate, shower, and examine our trophies! (AKA: pay medical attention to our scrapes and bruises.)
Afterwards, we were all given a little freetime before dinner where we regathered as men and women to play volleyball, swim, playing soccer, or just chat.

At 6pm we met under the dining shelter in order to break bread and re-tell the stories from our day so far.

After dinner, we transformed the dining shelter into a chapel. The evening program would begin by recieving a Word from one of the staff leaders who serves as the Youth and Worship Leader of Vekker Church in Veszprém. He spoke in reference to "The Parable of the Lost Coin" (Luke 15:8-10). He shared His testimony about how God sought after him when he was the "lost coin". He expressed how the Father's Love is so strong that it never stops searching for us, and how He Loves us regardless of our value.

This lead us into small group discussions where we were able to openly talk about our current lives. Sharing about our families and relationships, our feelings about camp so far, and our how we connected to the bible passage and sermon that was shared with us.

The final activity of the night was advertised as "popcorn and a movie" night on Broadway. Although, the audience wasn't there to RECIEVE the entertainment, but instead to GIVE the entertainment!

Each small group was given a scenario and time to prepare a skit for the rest of the campers. We enjoyed watching the hot and saucy romances between survivors of a plane crash, the horror of a good Samaritan turned murderer (toothbrushes as the weapon of choice), and the comedy of King Arthur searching for a "most noble/feeble knight". The laughter and applauses used to react to these skits were the final bits of energy left in all of us and when they were finished, so were we. 

Finally at 11pm, we poured ourselves into bed. 

I think we will need some rest (and ibuprofen) if we are going to make it through tomorrow...

- Aaron Fischer