Day 5 July 7th

Today’s Prayer Focus: Pray for wisdom for teaching and that God's unconditional love would flow through each team member.

Today’s Update:

Today we went to the Vekker church here in Veszprèm, Hungary. The camp we will serve in is led by key people from this church. Our AirBnB is about a mile from the church, which makes for a nice time of fellowship with the other members of the team as we walk to the church. On the way to the church, I found a beautiful flower garden. Many homeowners are very proud of their flower gardens in this area and take great care to make sure they look nice.

We found the people at church to be very friendly and hospitable. They also have a very sincere faith and love for Jesus. We couldn't understand all of the song lyrics, but the joy of the Lord and His Spirit is clear in any language. Fortunately, my friend Adam translated the message for us. Here's a picture of him from our camp last year. His wife is expecting baby # 2 soon, so he's not able to join us this year.

After church, we had a day off. After lunch in the center of town, many of us returned to the AirBnB to catch up on jet lag. I found a gym to get some much-needed exercise. Tonight, we'll go to the restaurant next to our AirBnB. We hear they have the best Hungarian goulash in town. The staff there is also very nice & have translated Hungarian for me a couple of times even though I wasn't eating there.

That’s it for today's events. But for your viewing pleasure, here's a photo of Mark from yesterday. He had taken great care to make a nice sandwich at lunch & before he could eat it, the plate collapsed. Though we felt bad for him, it was also a good laugh. (He ate the potato chips anyway. Of course.)

Also here's Dion at sunset. The location is just below the castle here in Veszprèm where there's a beautiful overlook of the town.

So tomorrow we take a bus and train to the campsite near the Slovakian border and will have more updates!

-James Conrad