Day 3 July 5th

Today’s Prayer Focus: Pray for a quick adjustment to the time change and surroundings. Pray for rest in the Lord both physically and spiritually. Pray that the Holy Spirit prepares the soil (students) and makes them ready for the gospel. Let’s continue to pray for the favor of God too!

Today’s Update:

Today we started our orientation for youth camp that’s starting next week. Excitement is filling the air as we prep and prepare, but with the excitement comes fatigue. I think I can speak for our whole team when I say that we are feeling the jet lag!

Even through the fatigue (thank goodness for coffee) we feel like God is breaking through the darkness. Being in an ex-communist country really allows you to see how much that influence affected the people of this country. While darkness is trying to keep its grasp on Hungary, we stand united against it as we pray that it would stop.

Today we had the task of going out into the community to talk to the Hungarian people and learn about them and their culture. It was just our team that embarked on this grand adventure. We stopped for more coffee first to refuel our weary bodies. As we went out and walked through the shopping plaza it proved to be a bit awkward, so much so that it almost made you not want to say anything at all and turn the other way and run!

That’s a perfect opportunity for Satan to come in and plant thoughts in our heads. With just one thought he could discourage us so much so that we no longer want to talk to anyone. He does this because he knows that as relationships are built, seeds get planted, and Jesus thrives! We had to practice this because at camp we are expected to get to know these kids and build relationship with them. 

These relationships are what’s going to set Hungary and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe on fire for GOD! I’m believing that these kids are truly going to see Jesus and crave to know Him more.