Day 1

Community is for Everyone.


  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

  2. A feeling of fellowship with other, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. 

29:11 is a place For Everyone. 

Church growth is a good thing. It means that people  who know Jesus, have fallen away from Jesus, or don’t know Jesus at all are coming. It means that people are getting a chance to have a salvation experience, getting healing in their bodies, and getting set free from past hurts. With church growth can come a sense of getting lost in the shuffle. It’s easy as a member of a church body to feel disconnected, because we don’t always see the same people each week. This is why community is so important. God didn’t put us on the planet to live this life alone, but like the church in Acts 2, we’re meant to grow together.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” NIV. The Passion Translation puts it this way, “It takes a grinding wheel to sharpen a blade, and so one person sharpens the character of another.”

This is what true community can do. We sharpen one another as we come together for weekend Experiences, serving in the church body, as well as outreach and connecting through relationships that flourish through small groups. 

That’s why community groups are so very important and crucial to your growth and walk with Jesus. Through a community group we get to be plugged into a group of believers that share common interests, goals, and love for Jesus. These groups have the potential to build your faith through deeper bible study, helping you discover the power of God’s words. We can link arms with each other when life hits hard and have them do battle with us in prayer. When tough times hit, the relationships formed in these groups move us to make a meal for a friend in need, visit someone from our group in the hospital, reach out to someone who is discouraged and down. 

Finding community in the local church is so important to our growth.  Make a personal choice to get connected because we need each other. In fact, reach out to someone today. Can you imagine what a church body would look like if everyone was connecting through healthy community? This is the future for 29:11!

We have many community groups available and a plethora of interests. Stop by the Start Here table after a service experience and pick up a brochure on what’s available or visit our community groups page on the website:

Have you found community yet? What’s stopping you?

There’s something for everyone.