March 8th

Scripture - 2 Corinthians 1

Observe It - Paul opens this letter by telling the Corinthians about his experiences in Asia. When he was there, he wasn’t sure he’d leave the area and make it back home. Paul claims that suffering for God leads to compassion for others. What Paul meant by that was that when we follow Christ, there can be times we suffer, get made fun of, become the least popular person or worse. God takes the challenges that we face and gives us strength as he guides us and offers us comfort along the way. 

Apply It - Even though it seems like we face the worst in life when we choose to follow Christ, we know that he is always there beside us. He is our guiding force that gets us through those difficult times. What is your faith costing you right now? Could it be that God is forming something more significant in you because of that challenge?

Prayer - God, I ask that you meet me where I am at today. Life seems to find a way of overwhelming me. Some days, it feels like I won’t get through the day, or there’s a heavy weight weighing me down. I ask that you take those troubles and worries and replace them with your peace and hope. I love you father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.