August 18th

Scripture - Acts 13

Observation - The apostle Paul is in Pisidian 
Antioch and is preaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath. He gives the Jews gathered there a review of Biblical history. From Egypt to the desert to the promised Land, Paul reminds them that God has been faithful. Paul walks them quickly through the time of the judges and then kings, then moves all the way up to the life of Jesus. Finally, Paul recites all that happened and the glorious joy of Easter morning. To wrap it all up, Paul declares that this is the Good News! This is what God promised centuries before!


Application - The Good News is the greatest news is all of history! Jesus Christ is risen! This is still the message today. It is the Good News that Christians carry in their hearts and on their lips. Write down what good things God has done in your life.


Prayer - Jesus, thank you for coming and giving your life on the cross. Thank you for redeeming me of my sins and taking my shame and failures and turning them around to praise. Because of you, I can live a life full of freedom. Chains are broken in my life! I am not a slave to death and the grave! Thank you, Lord! In your name I pray, amen.