August 17th

Scripture - Acts 12

Observation - Herod’s sudden death raises questions: Why? and How? Luke helps us to understand the why part. He lets us know that this is a divine judgment by the hand of God through an angel. Luke is even specific about the way God’s righteous judgment falls on Herod, stating that he dies form an infestation of some sort of worm. 


Application - Have you ever thought, “How is that person not being punished?” Or, maybe there was something done to you and you feel like justice was not served. Many people do not understand it. What we can know is that God always reigns judgment down on wickedness. We may not see it happen, but when judgment day comes, God will serve out his divine judgment. 


Prayer - Father, I need healing in my heart right now. I’m going to cast all my cares on You. I am not choosing to be anxious, but instead, in everything - with prayer and supplication, I choose to make theses requests known to You. Let Your peace settle over me like a blanket, and I pray that the Holy Spirit would comfort me. In your name I pray, amen.