June 22nd

Scripture - 2 Samuel 1

Observation - The Amalekite runs to David’s camp with the news of Saul’s death and expects David to be relieved and joyful. After all, Saul has harassed David for years, even demanding David’s death. With Saul gone, David’s kingship is assured. Instead of being elated, David mourns and fasts for Saul and Jonathon. Here, again David shows respect to God’s anointed king and proves his unselfish love for his people and his God rather than for what might benefit him personally.

Application - Our human nature naturally desires to be great and be recognized for that greatness. While it’s nice to get recognized, some moments may call for you to respect those around you and let the light shine on them. God enjoys humble moments in our lives. We know the things we do are for Him, and He sees that. David knew when to show respect and be humble. We should follow his example more closely and apply it daily to our lives.

Prayer - Father, thank you for always loving and caring for me. I pray that the talents I have be used for your kingdom. I know there may not be times I am recognized for my work. Help me to remember that it is all for you and not man. If souls are being won and brought back to you, then that is what pushes me to do the next thing. I love you father and all your greatness. In your name I pray, amen.