June 21st

Scripture - 1 Samuel 31

Observation - The men of Jabesh Gilead are horrified to hear what has happened to Saul. After the Philistine’s dismember Saul’s body and that of his sons, the Israelites retrieve the bodies, burn them and then bury the bones. They did that to either prevent further contamination or illness, or they burned spices to perfume the bodies; an act reserved for royalty. Whatever the reason, they did as their last act of service to their king.

Application - It is the simplest way we can honor our Savior King? We can honor him by spending time with him, worshipping him, and loving on his people. When we take the selfishness out of our lives and replace it with God’s love, we see that we can accomplish more for the kingdom of God.

Prayer - Dear Lord, I pray today that I will yield my spirit completely to You, that You may use me as You please. I pray that You will provide me opportunities to show people how much You mean to me. Give me discretion to know what to say and how to say it. In your name I pray, amen.