June 19th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 29

Observation - David thought he couldn’t be happy or at peace in the land of Israel. Now he finds that his “Philistine friends” won’t accept him either. David has no home; he is trying to live in both worlds, so he has no home in either world. In many ways, David was in the worst place for any child of God. He had too much of the world in him to be at peace in the Lord, and he had too much of the Lord in him to be at peace in the world. God spoke to David through this, but David had to listen.

Application - We are sometimes to live-out-and-out for Jesus Christ because we are afraid of the rejection of the ungodly. How much better it is to be all out for Jesus, and to trust that if the ungodly reject us, God will use it for good - for our good and theirs. 

Prayer - Father God, help me to remember in my weak times, or in times I don’t feel bold, that you are right there beside me. No matter how tempted I feel when the world comes knocking, or how much I think I feel like I need to be a part of it again, help me see why I left that life behind. Show me your peace, joy and love again. In your name I pray, amen.