June 17th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 27

Observation - David’s life among the Philistines may seem confusing. He behaves humbly-or so it seems. Yet this “humility” allows him to live apart from the king’s watchful eye. His destruction of people’s and cities is a continuation of the conquest of Canaan begun by Joshua. David is not under his enemy’s submission while living among them. David actually uses his protected life in the land of the Philistines to defeat Israel’s enemies for the benefit of God’s people.

Application - They are times in our lives that we may choose to hide out; take time away from ourselves and refocus. In those moments, we have a unique opportunity to allow God pour into us and refresh us. He can redirect our lives and show us things that we may not have seen before.

Prayer - God, I pray that in our secret moments, my time with you is never taken for granted. shower with me with your love and grace. Give me direction and show me your purpose for my life. Grow my heart to chase even harder after you. In your name I pray, amen.