May 7th

Scripture - Romans 2

Observation - Paul was encouraging the Church to realize that it wasn’t enough just to know God’s word and truth... God is inviting his followers to respond to and live out his words. It was easy for the religious, law focused, believers to look at how someone else didn’t measure up, but Paul was inviting them to “practice what they were preaching.”. He wasn’t inviting his readers to judge more. He was inviting them to live out a genuine, surrendered life for God.

Application - It is not enough to just know what is right. God is inviting us live it. If there is a contrast between what comes from our lips and what is manifested in our lives, it might be a good time to ask God for help. Life will always be a struggle- it’s not easy to live this faith out, but God is waiting for us to rely on him. Take some time ask God for help in the areas of your life where God is inviting you to live out the faith that he is growing in you.

Prayer - Father, help me to always speak truth from my lips. Help my mind to slow down and think of what to say before I speak. I always want to speak life to others, encourage them, and show them love with my actions. In your name I pray, Amen.