May 6th

Scripture - Romans 1

Observation - Paul took time to point out just how grateful he was for the people that God has placed in his life, these people that he is called to minister to, the people that Romans is written to. Paul also reminded his readers that the Gospel is the GOOD NEWS that God makes us right in his site, not our own action. Yet Paul also urged his readers to worship the CREATOR, rather than the things that God has created. He was warning the church not to follow the ways of the world, and instead follow God.

Application - Take some time to practice gratitude -thank God for the people that he has placed in your life. After that, take some time to contemplate just how amazing the GOOD NEWS of Christ really is.

Prayer - God, thank you for placing so many amazing people in my life. Thank you for reminding me to influence others by caring the GOOD NEWS into every relationship I am in. Would you give me courage to let people know through my life and conversation that you LOVE them UNCONDITIONALLY, and walk with them through their and my struggles, because you LOVE US too much to leave us where we’re at. Thank you for all that you are, for the LIFE that you give us, Amen.