May 2nd

Scripture - Mark 13

Observation - The disciples were curious about signs of the end of the age and Jesus’ return. Reading Jesus’ answers to the disciples can be overwhelming; yet three signs promise rest and peace to his followers: 1.) God never sends judgment without previous warning 2.) even if believers are required to face opposition, God will be near them, giving them courage and providing them with the words to speak, and 3.) false prophets will appear, showing signs and wonders, but if his followers trust God, he will guard their hearts. With this chapter Christ followers can be assured that although they don’t always understand everything about future events, they can trust that God will be with them and will strengthen them as they face challenges.

Application - Reading through this chapter can bring fear and confusion. But by the end of the chapter we see the outcome - Jesus returns, victory for him and his followers is going to happen, and he begins his forever reign in his new peaceful kingdom. How can this influence the way you think about the challenges that you will walk through today?

Prayer - Father, when I feel scared or unsure of the future, I pray that you bring peace and comfort to my mind heart. I know I can’t always control what will happen, but with you, I can stand firm in this faith. I pray that as I dig deep into your word, you will show me who you are and give me courage to keep standing strong. Help my foundation to be strong and my roots to grow deep. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.