Women’s Community Groups


Wives’ Group

4th Monday / 6P

Captivate is a group for wives who want to love their husbands and children the way God intended. We eat dinner, have discussion and encourage one another.

Leader:    Debbie Gray

Leader: Debbie Gray


Moms of young children

2nd Thursday / 630P

Are you a mom with young kids that is looking for community? Come for fun, friendship and an encouraging environment to know you’re not alone on this parenting journey.

Leaders:    Sonja Stern & Christy  Sisniegas

Leaders: Sonja Stern & Christy Sisniegas


Moms of Teens & Young Adults

1st Tuesday / 630P

Are you a mom who, as teenagers are getting older, is beginning to ask yourself, “What’s next?” Let’s come together and have a time of fun, fellowship and support as we discover the meaning of this next chapter in our lives and what God has planned for us!

Leader:    Amy Chisenski

Amy Chisenski


Women’s Study

Sundays / 4P

This is a group for women that are looking to get refreshed, be encouraged and find friendship. We will spend time in diving into God’s Word and connecting with one another. “That times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” - Acts 2:19

Leader:    Jana Conrad

Jana Conrad


Women’s Study

2nd & 4th Wednesday / 630P

This is a group for women of all ages who want to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. Join us as we discover the story of Ruth and her journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love and divine legacy.

Leader:    Joanne Blundell

Leader: Joanne Blundell

East Mesa

Women’s Study

Mondays / 7P

This is a group for any women who are looking for community with other women, moms, sisters and friends. Join us as we jump into scripture and see who God calls us to be as women.


men’s Community Groups

Leader:    Luis Garcia

Leader: Luis Garcia

Machine Shop

Men’s Group

1st Tuesday / 7P

This is a place where men can come and work, fix, create and use tools that they need in order to work on themselves and others. We are always going to be a work in progress - and with the right toons, all things are possible

Leaders:    Pastor Karl Feller

Leaders: Pastor Karl Feller


Men’s Study Group

1st Thursday / 630P

Life seems to steal the adventure out of you. Join our men’s group for great dessert and a bible study on stories that remind us that God has given us an adventurous faith.

Leader:    Zion Rempel & Max Villegas

Zion Rempel & Max Villegas


Young Adulet Men - East Valley

4th Thursday / 730P

For young men to find their true origin in Christ as they enter into manhood and what it looks like to be a Man of God.