IMAGINE update 3

Excitement is stirring in our hearts as we IMAGINE the future at 29:11. After weeks of waiting and negotiating, we are finally a few steps away from demolishing and rebuilding. Part of any good project is the PLAN. No doubt our hearts have been stirring as a church to see that unfold. This weekend we took a HUGE step welcoming our architect, Victor, to take on helping us create the plan and leaving us with a guide to see that plan accomplished. It was so awesome to go from room to room with him in the suite next door dreaming and believing for what is ahead. He and his wife, Janet, own an architectural business in the heart of Chicago where he blueprints everything from homes to churches. As we walked and talked it was exciting to hear him talk about what he could see even through the maze of walls. At one point he asked, “Does this church do alter calls? I want to leave enough room from the stage to where we could put the first row of chairs.” We smiled and Danny spoke up - “We have this area called the worship pit.” Victor gave him a look. “You know,” Danny continued, “it’s like a mash pit but for worship. People come forward to step into God’s presence during worship. You just have to experience it.” 


I’m so thankful that brilliant men and women like Victor and Russell are helping us create a space that fits us and all that God has destined us to be. From Jeremiah’s, to 29:11kids to Engage and so much more, we are hoping to follow a plan that fulfills whatever God has. So, Victor is making sure we have enough room to find a place where we can worship God with all we have. Close your eyes, can you see yourself worshipping there? Hopefully, you will be standing there…soon. 


Thanks to all those who are helping us create the space. Imagining with you…


Be Encouraged,


P. Mark