Imagine- Update 2

"In the mystery of God's exciting actions involving mankind, it is as though He, as a God who prefers infinite diversity, often makes use of people and things that constitute major risks: brilliant and riddled with faults, beautiful and not so beautiful, like with David and Paul."  Izak de Villiers 


IMAGINE TEAM…just wanted to encourage you today. Such a beautiful quote about the power of how God uses each one of us. Flawed, messy and struggling more often than it seem like we are winning in life. He finds us where we are - in the middle of the mud - and helps us stand again. Night after night. Day after day. What an amazing God. He has taken a risk to love each one of us and I’m so thankful for that. 


I wanted to give this team and church a shout out and say THANK YOU for helping us to execute opportunities of outreach. Just an example of ministry this past weekend at 29:11. Not only did our Hands Out team hit Mill Ave., but we diversified and sent a team to Mesa and then had two cars going up and down the 101 bringing pizza, water and Agape bags to those standing on corners. We took a risk and tried something new…and even if only ONE person was encouraged with food and water that’s ONE person that might have been without if we hadn’t gone. At the same time, our HOPE MEALS team dropped of a third meal this week to a couple (Rich and Kristen) that live close to 2911 (they have visited once) that are both experiencing life altering cancers (Rich has a rare 4th stage blood cancer and Kristen has 3rd stage colon/rectal cancer). Kristen shared that Thursday was one of her worst days ever due to her treatment and she felt so sick. The meal that was provided, the prayer that was provided…this was the HANDS AND FEET of Jesus my friends! May we never tire of providing what we can to help those afflicted and broken. This is the beautiful, diverse Kingdom of God walking on roads that most won’t travel on. What an honor that God has chosen US to be a part of bringing HOPE and LIFE to those who are struggling. So, THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us build a foundation from suicide prevention to putting pizza slices into hungry hands over the last two years. We can’t fix everyone but we can help bridge the gap so someone can get relief for a few moments. So someone has a chance to live another day. So someone can find support amidst their painful struggle. It’s that “cup of cold water” Jesus talked about. God has so much more for us to do! We need to get this 7000 square feet moving, don’t we? Let’s not get weary of doing good my friends! Those of us, “riddled with faults” can be used by God to do amazing things that bring Him glory. 


UPDATE: This week we started in our on BLUEPRINT phase. As we finish negotiations with our Lease Management Company, we are working behind the scenes on preparation. Finishing negotiations on a commercial lease is like splitting hairs. There are a few areas we are still tossing back and forth but the goal is to have a working lease by the end of the month. 


Working with our project lead, Russell Jones, is always an encouraging experience. He dreams with us and then thinks through how it can happen on paper and then through the hard work of our labor. We walked through the BLUEPRINT of our new 7000 square feet. This week we looked at the building from a “big picture” perspective and what we need room by room. We started to lay our dreams down into actual steps and imagined areas for offices, the recording studio and the larger Experience Room. 


FINANCES: We are just beginning to collect monthly pledges and have taken in some one time cash donations. If you have committed to being a part we are so thankful for your faithfulness. Our goal is to create an Imagine fund that can get us started on the initial work and will help us with underwriting our Tenant Improvement reimbursement from our building owner. Every dollar counts! You can give by going to our GIVING tab on our APP or web site and choose the Imagine Campaign. You can also sign up to pledge over the next 4 months as we Imagine for the future.


Thank you for coming alongside the broken and helping them mend…love, Pastor Mark and Brenda