The Birth of a Song

           Have you ever been there to experience the birth of a song?

An amazing night of recording our first LIVE Worship album at The Crescent Ballroom 

An amazing night of recording our first LIVE Worship album at The Crescent Ballroom 


There is something so beautiful about the birth of a song. Filled with rich anticipation, it’s that sweet moment you are introduced to something you know will change you. Encourage you. Strengthen you. In a worship culture of songwriting, we know this feeling all too well. I can remember the first time I heard “Tempest,” one of the first songs ever written, as we endeavored to launch 29:11church. I can also recall the first time I heard “Lost” during a Living Room Session in the front room of our house and I sat in awe not at the wander of the song but the way it helped me view my relationship with God. I had one of those moments again recently as we birthed a new song at our weekend Experiences called, “The Father’s Heart.” I had heard the team writing and playing it around the building over the last few weeks and I was excited to get to experience the entire version. We have just come through a season of songs written and recorded that we were singing on a weekly basis and those musical declarations had become like good friends that spur you on day to day. But I was anticipating something fresh and new as our worship team was in a season of writing again. I was wondering what their pens and instruments would be sharing coming out of the past year of being around our 29:11 culture day in and day out. 


Our 5:30pm Experience on Saturday is the first place we get to hear or Experience these new of the reasons I love that particular service. It’s an hour and a half of new, fresh moments. The song was the last in the set and when it started I could feel my heart melt. From the moment it began I could tell it was a “response” song and it was up to me to respond accordingly. 


Come to me all the lost and the weary

Come to me and find rest for the storm

My embrace will secure all your longing

I will love you and call you my own


Come to me all the thieves and the broken

In my love, no longer displaced

Lifted up from the realm of your ashes

Into the light of my glorious grace


It immediately took me back to that little chapel I was saved in up north in the heart of Wisconsin at a Young Life ski retreat when I was 17. I was lost, I was weary…there was a storm in my heart. I could see myself in that tender moment.



How lovely you are

No matter how far you fall

I’ll hold you through it all

I’m right by your side


Now, I was singing God’s response to me in that moment. He did see me through the eyes of His extravagant love. At 17, what propelled me to give my life to him was knowing he was by my side. 


And that’s what these modern day hymns do for us. They help us respond to God’s truth in the deepest parts of our hearts. Music is found there wrapped deep into the emotions of what we have lived and are living. This song was already giving me such a deep appreciation for this God I serve. The initial song lyric was written by Kevin Balzer who penned the lyrics at a baptism service we were having at our church one weekend. He was watching the faces, the hearts, the lives being transformed right before his very eyes. 


Come to me all those who wonder and question

Roaming soul, all our burdens made light

For the cost that leads straight to salvation

Was bore by my son, Jesus Christ


Now I was starting to think about the lost, the broken…those in our immediate community and those outside of our walls. Those who were struggling to find hope. Those who were needing peace. Those who were taking on counterfeit loves instead of the real thing. It was starting to grow…



How lovely you are

No matter how far you fall

I’ll hold you through it all

I’m right by your side


I was starting to see them as Christ did. Lovely. Beautiful. Hopeful. All through the power of Jesus' name. 


I just started thanking God for all that He was. All that He is doing in not only my life but the lives of so many. And, I started to praise Him for this glorious grace he has given us that has washed our hearts and lives from the sin that once entangled us!



Oh how glorious

My soul will sing

How great you are


Oh how powerful

My life redeemed

In the Father’s heart


I am singing it louder and louder. Others around me are too! We are caught in this moment that we didn’t expect. A moment that is birthing something we are reminded of and cannot forget. That our God loves us and finds us no matter where we may find ourselves. Instead of running or hiding, we can run to HIM and find hope and shelter. He is truly GLORIOUS! 


And, as I’m standing in this moment of “awe” at the birth of this song, it ends with a few lines I don’t expect. Sort of like that little bit of extra meat you find at the end of your Subway Sandwich you didn’t know was there. Or, that blast of sweet syrup found at the bottom of your favorite coffee drink. Or, that extra hug you get from someone who rarely shows affection at all. 


Chorus 2/Closing:

I stand in awe

As you continue to draw me near

Conquering all my fear

You’re right by my side


I found my life

In the Father’s Heart


The song ends…and we sit in God’s presence responding, the words and lyrics resonating in our hearts. 


But the power of the birth of a song isn’t just for the one standing and singing. I can see it on the faces on the stage a few feet away from me. What I love about songwriting in it’s purest from, is that no one person gets the glory. Although someone comes up with the lyrics and the melody, each team member takes it and suddenly something unique is born as well. Hannah hears a line on the electric and plays it. Joe strums the acoustic with what he is hearing in his head. Brandon brings the bass to life and Avery gives the song a heartbeat on the drums. Isaac plays the melody and gets the keys lost in laying a foundation so it all flows together. And the vocalist lead us, the ones standing and singing, on a journey of words that move our spirits along. 


But, it’s not just for us. It’s for whoever needs hope. Help. Love. That night, a quiet face slipped in the back of the second Experience we had that started at 7:30pm. She had just been to her weekly AA meeting down in another part of the plaza and came in for a free cup of coffee that was recommended to her. This tired soul found herself in the midst of the song, along with me. Just months ago her daughter had overdosed on Herroine and she sat in the back of the room with the shattered grief spilled everywhere. And, this simple song, written in this house, birthed new hope in her soul. Amidst life’s most unraveling moments, even there, she could find her life in the Father’s Heart. He was right by her side. He was conquering her greatest fears. He was redeeming her soul.


Oh, the birth of a song.


I found a ghetto version of it that they used to practice for the upcoming services. I can’t stop listening to it. The words getting buried deep in my soul. For now, if you want to hear it, you will have to find yourself at one of the Experiences on a weekend on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It is there, until it is recorded, you can let it birth something special in your soul. 


I found my life

In the Father’s Heart


Pastor Mark/29:11church

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