The Tim Tebow Foundation

The Tim Tebow Foundation

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36 NLT

Hey friends, this is one of my favorite verses ever. It speaks of the compassion Jesus had over the multitudes of people. All kinds of individuals. Some needed healing. Some needed resource. Some needed love. Some needed encouragement. There is no doubt there were parents and families with special needs children that needed hope.

When Russell Jones told me about Night to Shine last July, I had no idea what the event was all about. Tim Tebow and his foundation put the incredible idea into action hosting a prom for people with special needs. Last year with just 15 churches that were willing to take the risk and give it a try, this year it has expanded to over 200 worldwide along with over 100,000 volunteers and up to 50,000 guests. That is some crowd, right? And I can see Jesus in the center of it placing crowns and tiaras on the heads of each of them proclaiming that we are his “Kings and Queens.” Everyone wants to be a King and Queen. Or, at least feel like it. You know, that sense that you matter and that your life has purpose and meaning. And, that is what we will be doing at Night to Shine. Past the excitement, the paparazzi, the DJ and the dancing…we will letting every human being know they are valued, loved and matter to the heart of God. We are his KINGS and QUEENS. Let me put it like this, WE ARE HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS. We are his royalty because he made us royal through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. This weekend, we get to be on the front lines showing Jesus’ compassion. I’m so honored to be a part of NTS and a church like 29:11. I want to learn from Jesus how to have deep, real compassion…compassion that moves me to action to do something. Even if it’s just a smile. Whatever the action is, I want it to learn to have the deep love Jesus had for the human being he saw amidst the crowd. May that sort of genuine love grow in us like never before. My personal mantra this weekend is to be “Jesus with skin on.” As we reach out to love individuals and families like Jesus did that day he had compassion on the crowd, we will see Christ walking the earth again through our hands and feet.


Mark Rempel/ Christ Follower/Son/Husband/Father/Compassion Seeker