3 Days Till' Launch

3 Days Till’ Launch

On My Dad's Shoulders...

"The name of the LORD is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe." pro.18.10.nlt

One photograph that is burned into the memory of my mind is one of me with my father. I am sitting on his shoulders with a smile on my face looking down at everyone around me. It was as if I was invincible. I was believing that my dad’s shoulders were a fortress for me and nothing could get me down. Nothing…

My dad is 92 today and I probably won’t be swinging around on his shoulders. I’m not the tallest guy in the bunch but even still, the memory of that moment is a strength I still draw from. It reminds me of my heavenly Father. Although I don’t sit on top of his shoulders physically, I can honestly say that I have felt that way at times. He is our strong tower. We can run to him. There is nothing too difficult that he can’t take on when it comes to his shoulders.

Not everyone has that picture in their minds. Broken relationships. Broken dreams. Broken promises. Broken lives. Shoulders? Most people are struggling to even shoulder their struggles and issues on a good day. Jesus gave his life to take those burdens on his shoulders carrying that cross up to Golgatha. There is no more beautiful thing than to see a person let go of the heaviness they are carrying in their heart. It happens at 29:11 all the time. Maybe during worship. Maybe when we help encourage some laughter. Maybe through an encouraging message or a simple cup of coffee and a listening year. Although we can’t literally put most people on our shoulders, through connection we can help them climb up on their heavenly Father’s. And, there is no better place to be. 

That is our mandate at 29:11. Let's create an environment where people can really find the strength of Christ through a relationship with him. There they can find the plan of God for their lives, hope and a future of strength. Will you help create such a place with me?

Prayer Emphasis: Pray that at 29:11 every Saturday through our launch season that people would come and literally feel the burdens lifted off their “shoulders.” Pray they would literally feel their heavenly Father pick them up from where they are to give them a new perspective as they rest on top of his shoulders.