4 Days Till' Launch

4 Days Till' Launch...

The Breath of Hope!

Hope Filled Lives…

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit." rom.15.13.nlt

Have you ever met someone who feels utterly hopeless? You can see it in their eyes. They are hollow and yellowed by the stress they feel everyday. A spark is missing and they almost appear frozen at times in their own despair. Living without hope is a devastating way to walk on life’s path. Maybe you have even felt that way before. Hope, though,  is a beautiful thing. It fills our souls and inflates our senses again. It can put a spark back in our eyes that can lead to a raging, passionate fire. Hope is like oxygen. Without it our hearts gasp for life trying to take a deep enough breath to live. But when hope prevails, even if it’s faint, the heart is beating again. That is why hope is so essential in how we live. 

God has called us to live with hope. Not a hope found in things - money, relationships, status, power or stuff. But, Paul says in Romans 15 that our “source” of hope is found in God and flows through us as we grow in our relationship of knowing Jesus, his son. This hope fills us with confidence and acts like an oxygen tank to our soul. And, this hope can spread to all those around us. Is that the kind of hope that is found in you? Can people literally see it in your eyes, even when the circumstances dictate despair? Our hope must go so deep that there is an eternal trust we have that our God will bring us through and we count on that. 

As human beings cross paths with the people of 29:11, I pray they sense that sort of life-giving hope. Although we live in a world of hopelessness at times, our eyes must be filled with hope of Christ that can literally breath life into the lifeless. That hope, my friend, is in you!

Prayer Emphasis: Pray that hope would rise in you today wherever you go. Ask God that those visiting 29:11 during our launch season would sense that life giving eternal hope found in Christ and draw them to seek out the source, Jesus Christ. 

 29:11 is a church of hope!